life is full of surprises… šŸ™‚

surprise surprise you say ? šŸ™‚ well remembering that at times help you come to terms with the reality. At the wellington airport they have free WiFi and thanks to that I am being productive. I am supposed to be on a plane back home now. The incoming qantas aircraft from Auckland is delayed by 2 hours or so. I reckon they knew of the technical issues but they could not get it fixed last night, a fellow passenger at the qantas club thinks they could have repaired this last night but dont bother about the travellers much anymore….anyway, I am glad about the access to net-actually this is available not only inside the lounges but throughout the airport, which is good.

my trip to wellington went well and the mission was completed successfully – although I missed on a few things such as a potential conference, ultimately serving our customers is key to our success. I think this is my 5th trip to Wellington and 6th to NZL. The only issue with the trip is evening flights out from melb go via sydney and I land in wellington around midnight. So coupled with the 4 hour+ of flying and the 2 hour time difference an early start the following day is a bit challenging. Usually when I travel I am on a mission and it means work smart, work hard. And the flight back is always in the morning and there is a 6am flight from the wellington airport. So, if I am there for the whole week it will be a saturday flight back to see family. I never stayed for the weekend here, I rather do that with vasu. although I did this once as the pre-trip activity with vasu and took her to auckland.

Anyway, shane took me and a few others to a nice restaurant next door on wednesday night and we had a great time.and the result was I forgot to call vasu šŸ™‚ I was also glad to discover that 2 minute walk path up the hill, although the 10$ cab drive was worth it in the rain on the first morning. anyway, I am glad that now shane’s team is in good shape and I was able to help them with various aspects of the project. this is what i love about my work – I get to add _value_ and make people happy šŸ™‚

oh, the aircraft just arrived..and it looks like we will be early šŸ™‚

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