Office workspaces live

I have been playing around with the office workspaces on live. The twist on google docs, and with office on the desktop you can collaborate with anyone on the net!

but sadly I found out that office live workspaces dont work on IE8 the browser header is not recognised I guess..and webpage recommends me to get IE7 or Firefox.


but when you turn on “IE7 emulation” everything works fine! 🙂 I should mention this is an awesome feature as I can use IE8 for all my activities regardless of the fact that it is actually beta 🙂


I use IE8 mode as default and If I find a particular site/app that is not working well then I switch to IE7 mode. The only issue is I cannot configure IE8 to render certain sites in this mode and others in default mode. Once I switch the IE7 rendering mode I need to close all IE sessions and restart them again – this is a bummer.

Product vendors should note that this backward compatibility mode in a new version of consumer software is an awesome feature. It will enable more people to willingly participate in beta testing.

oh BTW, I want to note a similar version incompatibility experience with Katmai and VS.NET 2008 as well. When I tried to get VS.NET 2008 to connect to a katmai database instance it didn’t like it. said I guess I should not be that cutting edge 🙂

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