K2 Cumulative update

KB000231 – a K2 [blackpearl] Update will be available from the portal – This is a roll up update includes patches for SP1. the following patches are the included in this single installer:

KB000201 – Patch – Editing SmartObject Properties and Adding a SmartObject Service Method
KB000202 – Patch – Event Bus Schedules “Dependency could not be created
KB000203 – Patch – Event Bus Notifications in K2 for Visual Studio
KB000206 – Patch – Process Synchronization using Batch Actioning, IPC Sync Events, and Worklist Navigation
KB000207 – Patch – Data Field Values are incorrect when using a SharePoint Event Process
KB000211 – Patch – A SharePoint integrated process needs local admin rights on the MOSS server
KB000212 – Patch – Survey Choice Data Type not supported in the List Item Event Template
KB000213 – Patch – “Error Internal Loop” and “Error Receiving Buffer” Deployment Errors
KB000214 – Patch – OOTB Process Instance Data Report
KB000215 – Patch – Using UDCX data connections with InfoPath Form Integration
KB000217 – Patch – Querying a SmartObject using GUID type properties
KB000218 – Patch – Data filter in K2 Workspace
KB000219 – Patch – Impersonating a user using a different security label than the ‘default’ to start a process
KB000220 – Patch – Worklist Item Status does not update correctly
KB000221 – Patch – DataField ValueType property in SourceCode.Workflow.Client internally protected
KB000222 – Patch – ‘No such host is known’ error when changing environments of an InfoPath integrated process
KB000223 – Patch – Error when using an Apostrophe in a process action or event name
KB000224 – Patch – Adding a parameter to a report designed in K2 Workspace
KB000225 – Patch – Custom Service Instance Out of Bounds and Semi-Colon Usage Errors

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