Getting the P in BPM right

In the world of BPM, process is king. Hence getting the process implementation right is key to success. By “right” I mean having the ability to get it right as you will never be sure that you got it right. This is why flexible implementations and tool support that allows for collaborative process implementation is key. In other words, your process implementation must be change ready.

K2[blackpearl] introduces collaborative process implementation through its single process definition format and multiple modeling canvases support. The xml based .kprx file format stores the process definition and it enables various tools t o inspect a business process and get users to work with it at varying levels.

Business user friendly, analyst friendly and coder friendly canvasses ship with K2[blackpearl]. This allows for different groups of people with different focus points to collaboratively contribute to process implementation. The same artifacts created by a group of users can be passed on to and manipulated by the other groups of contributors. Using version controlled systems in the mix you get an implementation that gives you a better chance of getting the Process right.

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