SQL User Manager

User Managers provide user information required to work with K2[blackpearl]. The default user manager is Active Directory. K2 plugs straight in to your AD environment out of the box. So that you can use your AD objects to manage security, assign tasks, find out the email address of the manager’s manager of a user and so on. K2[blackpearl] also comes with a SQL database based user manager called SQLUM.

SQL User Manager uses a set of database tables to gather the user information required. All this info resides in the database called K2SQLUM which gets installed when you first configure K2[blackpearl]. There are 14 databases that gets installed on your choice of Sql2005 instances. SQLUM is the only DB that you are allowed to modify.

If you look at the table structure of this DB it is straight forward. You have tables for Users, Groups and memberships. (Note Roles are stored in the HostServer database) You can populate these tables with relevant info and you are away. You can also setup views on this DB that pull user data from other systems.

Great thing about K2’s use of SQLServer is that all your microsoft database techniques can be employed. All your clustering, backup, security and management is standardised.

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