101 VPC impressions by Jason


Very good coverage Jason. My comments are below.

Jason wrote …

  • Within Visual Studio they have introduced what they call environment configurations. They are similar to K2 2003 StringTable but are reusable between processes.
  • Improved presentation and integration with Visual Studio. Their implementation of WPF for their wizards is really clean and is exciting to see a real implementation of. They also implemented this neat little thing where the developer can draw letters on the Visual Studio canvas which will create a new activity. Is it necessary; not really; but it is neat.
  • The BizTalk events were not present on the VPC. I found out they have not be released yet. This is not terrible as it is still possible to invoke BizTalk through other means but I have used the K2 BizTalk adapters on two projects.
  • Getting into the properties of an event or activity is much easier now.
  • Workflows can be initiated directly from the workspace. In the past, we would have to write little stubs to kick off workflow.
  • The K2 Service Manager is now part of the K2 workspace. The K2 workspace is still geared towards the power user as it can still expose too much information to the common everyday business user.
  • They have created a new concept called “Roles” which seem to be similar to the Destination Queues which were available in K2.net 2003.
  • K2 deprecated a couple event handlers, the SQL and Web Service event handlers were gone. Good riddance J

Jey comments…

  • Environment configurations are much more than just the string tables. There are types fields such as MailServer, MOSS server, etc. Which provides simple validation and auto object discovery for easy access to objects on those servers. Depending on your environment selected the wizards will pickup the default settings from the environment for the typed field parameters required by the wizards. The deployment wizard will also pick up the same.
  • The WPF wizard preview and jump feature is a real productivity improvement as I can jump to the screen I want to change very quickly.
  • Some of the k2.net 2003 event templates are not re-created as they will all work with K2[blackpearl] once the backward compatibility support is released. this includes Biztalk, Web service, SQL, etc. All the custom developed event templates should also work with K2[blackpearl].
  • K2 workspace UI can be tailored to users via security settings. This will allow only Admins see the management console and users to see Reports, Tasks and notification events.
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