Custom K2[blackpearl] Event Wizards

Did you know that you can write custom event wizards for K2, using K2? I have just built one.

There is a project type specifically for this called the Wizard Project. In VS.NET you simply proceed to create a new K2 project and select this project type. You will be presented with a solution that is setup with two projects – one for the wizard UI and the other for the wizard’s core functionality.

The wizard UI is built on the Windows Presentation Foundation and the entire K2 configuration environment. This has the wizard pages, the innovative k2 textboxes, etc made available for you to code against. At run time the wizard has access to the entire project system, object browsers, etc. You can use straight .NET code or Windows Workflow Foundations for abstracting the functionality.

I have implemented a wizard that presents a simple interface to create AD user accounts, using the Service Object I have recently created. Once deployed this template is available through my VS.NET and Visio process designers.

Having gone through this exercise I can tell you this is amazing. Building drag-n-drop wizards for functionality that can be used time and time again by business users is very satisfying. As a Dev, you build the core artifacts and the business assemble apps using them – awesome. Go on, build your own! 🙂

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