Fixing Running Workflow Instance Errors with K2[blackpearl]….

I was so delighted to discover my favourite 2003 feature “repair error” in k2[blackpearl]. This little cutie appears in VS.NET under the View menu, named as “K2 error repairing”. UPDATE: It is now called “Instance Management”


When you launch this it allows you to connect to your choice of K2 environment and pull down the process instances that are in error states. You can sort them by error profiles.

Once you select an error’ed instance it shows you the process flow in graphical form 🙂 and you can see where the error is happening. This is a great enhancement! You can then open this instance, which loads the solution into VS.NET and allows to look at the code where the problem is occuring.

You can make any relevant changes and apply them to the selected instance OR all the running instances with this error.

Pretty cool, huh?

UPDATE: here’s a recent video on how to repair workflow errors