CodeCamp Day 2

Day 1 was good! Day 2 was better! We had a sales training session for (web)developers 🙂 and an interesting Dev’s vs Dba’s discussion in which everyone got involved as the nHibernate session was sandwiched between Greg Law‘s DMVs and Greg Linwood‘s Execution plans 🙂

Dave glover presented some tips and tricks on WM6.0 and I talked about MOSS and K2. For many of the attendees, MOSS, Infopath and Workflow were all new. I showed how one would use multiple infopath forms in a process, rendering them on web browser and on the desktop at various approval steps, how easy it is to publish any K2 workflow to MOSS and how well it is integrated into the sharepoint workflow experience. I also showed how you could associate these workflows with content types.

In the session I pointed out how Developers can go about building K2 wizards, how environment library and the artifact library will help the development process. I also gave them a quick look at the WF code generated behind the scenes and how they could extend that.

The day was wrapped by Darren talking about How we work in this increasingly mobile world and what do they do at Readify to help their folks do this better.

All in all this was a good event, worth “working on a weekend”. Photos are here.

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