CodeCamp is live and kicking…

It was a good start for the day, we had sunshine, briefly 🙂 and some interesting presentations

Networking with the attendees and listening to these sessions were a really good experience. I think these events are really good. This is my second event of this kind (The first event was the Victoria.NET regional conference in Ballarat last year. I will try to attend the wagga wagga code camp next year).

Mitch Denny had the most interesting presentation. It was on TFS. It is kind of cool to wake up a virtual server and kick off a distributed build task and shutting it down once build is done! It is really awesome.

Dave Glover‘s sessions covered popfly and expression studio. I referenced Blackpearl as the popfly for business process applications in my talk. Developers building the blocks and users assembling the applications like mash-ups is the vision of K2 and I think Blackpearl is off to a good start. I showed Visio integration, K2’s .NET Data Provider and the VS.NET designer.

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  2. Jey,
    thanks for coming to Adelaide to be a part of CodeCampSA, and also thank you to K2 for sponsoring the event.

    One think I was quite impressed with was the level of integration you’ve achieved with K2 in Visio and Visual Studio.


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