Engine or System

I am used to business rules, business rule engines and the rules management process around these. But, what is the difference between a rules engine and a rules management system? We had this discussion at the round tables on Friday

You get requirements around business rules and you typically implement them in stored procs , classes, config files. You may use APIs from Rules Engines and codify them as well. The focus is on the ease of management and letting the business owning the management task.

This means the rules management has to be easy for the business.The stakeholders should be able to see the benefits of them being in charge of this task. They should like the tooling and they should be productive by using that tooling.

The other requirements are along the lines of understanding the dependency chain of rules, other rules and the apps using them. version control of the rules themselves and how to update the rules and the impact of that on the running apps.

I have heard this, seen this many times in the context of business processes as well. K2 has a lot of these things well covered. I also see the most of these functionality set rolled out as management systems.

so what is the difference between DBs and DBMSes, BPM and APIs like WF, BREs and BRMSes… one is a low level core functionality set. The other is the well rounded system that is built on the core.

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