K2 sessions at TechEd

Here are the time slots for our K2 sessions: Wednesday Aug 8th  1:20 PM – 1:40 PM      SPON019 K2 Sponsor Session – Blessings of K2 [blackpearl]: Empower business users to build & deploy workflow processes   Thursday Aug… Read More

Gearing up for TechEd Australia

We have been busy getting ready for TechEd. K2 is a sponsor at TechEd and we will have a booth there. We are also running 3 Cabana sessions during TechEd. Herman, Myself, Marco and Cobus will be showing… Read More

K2 webcast on Thursday 19th

here’s another K2 webcast …. register here UPDATE There was a mix up with the time but I managed to catch the last 30 minutes of the webcast. a recording is coming soon anyway for those who missed… Read More

K2 announces product name and release date

the wait is over…. On Aug. 6, K2 will release the core of its new platform…blackpearl! and it will be called K2 [blackpearl]!! awesome🙂

K2 demo by Bob Mixon

Another good demo is coming: here

The K2 Essay

In the last few weeks, I have been asked to explain what K2 is. I attempted this a few times and came up with an essay, that sort of explains what K2 is all about :)  Wanna read… Read More

K2 Q&A on Planet MOSS

Here’s a few good questions and answers on K2 http://planetmoss.blogspot.com/2007/07/after-k2s-blackpearl-demonstration-few.html

CodeCamp Day 2

Day 1 was good! Day 2 was better! We had a sales training session for (web)developers🙂 and an interesting Dev’s vs Dba’s discussion in which everyone got involved as the nHibernate session was sandwiched between Greg Law‘s DMVs… Read More

CodeCamp is live and kicking…

It was a good start for the day, we had sunshine, briefly🙂 and some interesting presentations Networking with the attendees and listening to these sessions were a really good experience. I think these events are really good. This… Read More

.NET Data Provider for K2

When you install K2 Blackpearl, There is a little gem that is made available to you in Visual studio called the K2 .NET Data Provider. It allows you to use smart objects as your data source. This is… Read More