Notes on the awesome Architecture Forum …

I have attended the architecture forum today in Melbourne at the Crown Promenade hotel. It was a good long day with registration starting at 8am and we finished the drinks at 7pm, well thats when I left and there were people still at the tonic bar.

Donald Ferguson presented the key note. He talked about the 6 mega trends, web 2.0 and SOA convergence and also end user programming and composite apps. (K2 plays in this area)

I participated in the round table discussions on Business Rules Engines, Software Architects, Architecture, Code reuse, ESB and Agility. The closing key note was fun with Henry Co.

I also learnt about IASA and that we do have an Architecture Profession in IT now šŸ™‚

I met with many other architects, some were my ex-colleagues and partners. It was a great opportunity to take part in these interactive sessions to hear views of other professionals on various topics that we face in the industry on a daily basis.

It was a great learning opportunity and thanks to Chuck’s email to dotnet list (and Herman), I attended it. Won’t miss the next ones.

Last point, someone should port that rotation effect of apple keynote to powerpoint! – very cool šŸ™‚

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