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Thanks to David Burella, I have presented K2 at the hobart .Net user group on Tuesday (26th) night. We went through business process management and a demo of K2.net 2003 and then we looked at K2 blackpearl and the beta 2 components. I have showed how we would use smart objects, infopath forms services integration and the new VS.NET integration. People also liked the reports designer and the notification events pieces.

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Aussie Architect Forum

Sydney Wednesday, 27th June 2007 Melbourne Friday, 29th June 2007
http://www.architectureforum.net.auAgenda looks like ….

Internet Service Bus, SOA, Web Services, and Web 2.0: Concepts, Technical Overview and Reference Architecture

Composite Applications integrate (compose) individual “services” within an organization into a (hopefully) coherent whole. In addition to acting as a loosely-coupled ‘glue’ for cross-organisational capability, composite applications typically allow business rules and data to rapidly evolve in response to changing business environments. SOA and Web Services have been traditional Composite Application integration technologies, with Enterprise Service Buses often forming the core of enterprise solutions leveraging these technologies and approaches.

…………………………………………… I am attending the Melbourne session. Are you?

K2 [Smart]s…continued…

I really like smart objects 🙂 For a K2.NET 2003 user the benefits of smart objects will be obvious in one key area – keeping business data in one place! Keeping business data separate to the process! The SmartBox datastore provided by blackpearl neatly stores all your smartobject data in there (if you choose to use it). It keeps all the reference information in there as well so that your other bits of information that comes from external systems and other smartobjects can be linked to provide the rich set of information you required.

Blackpearl ships a bunch of Continue reading “K2 [Smart]s…continued…”