Process Intelligence

Activities performed by people in their day to day business lives are somehow related to their business goals. The vision of an enterprise set by the execs is translated to be executed by their workforce. How effectively this is done is what determines the profits of their shareholders, the benefits of employment and the partnerships of people involved with it. The tools and techniques used by the majority of the workforce and its culture impacts the effectiveness of an enterprise. Corporate performance management depends on its business process management. Continue reading “Process Intelligence”

Workflowing MOSS

I have been naturally interested in knowing the effort estimates required to implement human workflows in the MOSS platform. I come across this request frequently. (This topic has been previously explored by Chris here) So, when I attended few workflow sessions at the recent APAC Sharepoint conference in Sydney at the Hilton , I was looking forward to finding more about this from the people in the game. Continue reading “Workflowing MOSS”