Future with Blackpearl

The above picture depicts the scenario where Technical and Business users being able to use their skills on the Blackpearl platform to collaboratively work towards effecting the change required for their businesses comfortably and confidently.

By providing the tool sets that enable these user groups to be productive, and by providing the infrastructure to create and reuse artifacts that can be used to declaratively assemble applications, the K2 Blackpearl platform is taking Microsoft investments to the next level of business productivity.

One can expect the Blackpearl platform to evolve in the coming years. It will become even more mature and feature filled. The thought leadership demonstrated by K2 in the dynamic business application assembly arena with Blackpearl is impressive. It will only get better.

The architecture of blackpearl lends itself for this evolution. It is based on the capabilities of .NET 3.0 and SqlServer 2005. The design of multiple tool sets with varying capabilities to work on the same process model and the publishing and authoring methods allow blackpearl to be extended and further customised to provide targeted toolsets in specialised areas. The wizard extension capability is making it building blackpearl wizards using VS.NET in a snap. This will create a huge opportunity for wizard based capabilities to be built for the business users to help them assemble applications easily. So, if Blackpearl does not provide a particular feature, it can be easily built and reused.

Sharing and re-use are such a ‘core’ aspect of the platform every organisation using blackpearl can potentially get in to the market of re-selling selected artifacts to generate revenue. They can keep their high value artifacts to give them the business edge and re sell low value assets. This could fuel accelerated productivity across many related industries.

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  1. […] K2[blackpearl] introduces collaborative process implementation through its single process definition format and multiple modeling canvases support. The xml based .kprx file format stores the process definition and various tools that inspect the process enables users to work with the process at varying levels. […]

  2. I love this diagram – have been planning to print it out and put beside my desk. A simple message – but one of the key points about BP.

    The fusing of “information” and “technology”. And Process’es – the domain of business users – will be much easier with BlackPearl. More for bizzo’s AND techo’s !

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