The Essence of Escalations

what a lovely morning …you are busily working through your tasklist. before that 10 am meeting you need to finish these last 3 items… and you hit a snag!

You need help. You need it now. Usually it is not that easy…

But, you can get help and get it formally if you have had escalations in place.

Escalation is a management tool. it helps the managers to help employees get things done.
Escalation support also helps to avoid things that could slip through the cracks.

Escalation mechanisms are handy when you are dealing with business processes.

Business processes typically have a lot of activities and tasks. Many different groups of people will be involved in executing tasks and there could be delegations, re-assignments, re-prioritising, suspension and cancellations of tasks. All these actions could affect future activities in the same or connected business process instances.

So it is very important to have escalations in place in your business processes so that if u hit a snag you are covered for it. if u forget something, someone will remind you, repeatedly.

It is your insurance policy that proactivley works to reduce process accidents 🙂

By defining ecalations at various levels of your business process, (activity, task, group and user) you can have fine grained support and control.

K2.NET 2003 shipped activity level escalations out-of-the-box. Blackpearl comes with event/task level escalations. Blackpearl implements the escalation mechanisms for you on top of the WF framework. Your WF artifacts can also be ‘escalation enabled’ if hosted inside a blackpearl event. Cool, huh?

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