Dynamic Business Applications (DBAs) continued….

So Dynamic Business Applications (DBAs) are cool. But, how do we build them? What should we look for when designing them?How are they different to OO design?are they different?

Actually Objects are still at the core of apps. Any app. In DBAs we orchestrate objects, composite objects from other object systems. So that our app building process is rapid. since the plumbing is done for us we are doing less work and leveraging more from whats already there.

the focus is on the process – what do we do with these objects.

by declaratively assembling objects and configuring rules and policies these objects will abide by we are raidly working at the business domain. we dont have to get lost in translation back and forth between the tech and biz domains. thats the power of DBA platforms.

having the ability to visually design these composites is important. business user tooling to work with these applications is essential for a DBA platform. You could say the 4GLs are back with vengence. I think blackpearl is a better one. time will tell.

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