Dynamic Business Applications

Changes are so dynamic in this world, in our environment and in business. They say “Change is the only constant”. I say “Change is a dynamic constant”.

We the human race, race to control this change to our convenience constantly. that is our heritage. building business applications in this tradition is a natural transiton that has been the trend in IT with different degrees of success.

Looking at bits of data as information and mining it to extract powerful knowledge has been the domain of specialised apps. now that power is coming to the hands of every information worker. the specialised tools are becoming platforms on top of which familiar interfaces are building feature sets to enable managers and receptionists to impact and control change in the business. it is impressive.

K2’s upcoming release ‘blackpearl’ is aimed at making business applications more dynamic. process centric approach makes sense in the business world. you dont spit bits that go into a blackhole. they are transactions certainly costing you something so you need to know about it and you need to leverage it. why send an email to discuss a meeting plan? use calendar or the meeting workspace. use search. leverage the integration into document management. look at the flow of process and anticipate. learn from automatic documentation. do bulk actions. collaborate and get notified through the appropriate channels….and best of all control all these and adjust them dynamically. build more dynamic apps easily.

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