Composability is a paradigm shift – Chris Keyser on The Architecture Journal

Chris Keyser the lead architect for Microsoft’s Global ISV team wrote an article on the MSDN architecture Journal 10 on composite applications. the full article is here:

He wrote business process application assembly capability will be demanded by end users. And this will have to be delivered. We will see vendors bringing these features in the products.

I am a fan of application orchestration. As a lazy coder I like to work smart and not too hard so assembling apps like a chair or a table is just beyond cool… it is very productive. as long as the parts fit well or you have a saw to shave off the edges πŸ™‚ If this is going to be a end user task then imagine the kind of automation we can get at the enterprise level with business processes.

Now, one thing is to have the ability to spring off websites in seconds….and then being able to manage it … but isn’t the google way is not to organise but to searh? πŸ™‚ so..what we learnt from WSS 2.0 and SPS 3.0 we should leverage that …and whatever the offering vendors have they better bring the management tooling with this platform as well.

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