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So now that the windows workflow foundation (WF) has been branded under the .NET 3.0 umbrella we can kind of see the importance given to this technology. This means the workflow is here to stay as part of the framework and will continue to evolve. That’s a good thing.

But, this would mean that the workflow improvements may have to wait for the the framework releases. It will be much slower. given the importance of this technology tying it to the framework means that one day we could even see language constructs to help workflow style processing. although I like the xoml approach it would be cool to have a WF# offering as well 🙂

anway, looking at the Office 2007 beta, we can see WF manifesting itself through sharepoint and the standard applications like word and excel. It is already there in the Team Edition of VS.NET 2005.

I dont know whether Vista will have some OS level tools built on WF. May be as a showcase. Reading through the 5 or so articles on the Microsoft Architecture Journal edition 7 themed “Generation Workflow” it is clear that MS has looked at many applications for the WF. Not just the Human workflow.

I am still waiting to see Biztalk’s tac on WF. Should be interesting.

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