What is your Approval rating this week?

Approval ratings are not just for Politicians.

Every day, organisations of all kinds deal with application forms. Interacting with Internal users, contractors, casual employees, customers, partners, institutions, governments and other parties to conducting business involves forms of all sorts.

We have seen forms for quotations, cover notes, rental applications, loan approvals, purchase requests, software request, petty cash forms, market research questionnaires,  leave applications, expense claims, feedback forms, parking fines, refund requests, product order forms, ownership transfer forms, delivery requests, application of interest, vendor onboarding forms, complaint forms, training request, travel request, health and safety survey forms, insurance claims, tender submissions, proposal forms and so on.

People put some effort to fill these out and they expect an outcome to be achieved.

Every day, A good percentage of these forms end up getting rejected for all sort of reasons. Some reasons are simple, valid and straight forward. Some are stupid and even funny.

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Who is protecting your brand?

All Websites on the Internet are constantly under attack. Whether it is state based actors, criminals or competitors, every website is on the waiting list to be attacked. This is the sad reality of the Internet.

So, Who is protecting your brand from this increasingly alarming threat?

Your website is your 24x7x365 shop front. It is your online entity. If you don’t actively protect it, protect the data you have behind it, protect the systems & processes behind it and most importantly Protect the users who visit your website, pretty soon your brand will become the next victim of an attack.

The last thing you need is your website to become Infected with malware and/or get blacklisted. This will tarnish your brand name. Not to mention the sales opportunities you will lose.

Did you put ALL that effort, time and money on building up your rankings, conceiving and implementing sophisticated features for your site and marketing, only to let an attacker ruin it in minutes?

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5 Tips to Accelerating Success with K2 Projects

5 Tips to Accelerate K2 Project Success

At jEyLaBs, our daily routine mainly involves project delivery. We work on projects that apply technology such as K2 to solve serious business problems. This typically involves building apps to remove business process bottlenecks, reduce paper use, provide new ways to conduct business transactions and support executives to make precise business decisions.

Our projects have no choice but to succeed and increasingly the pressure is on us to help our customers succeed fast.

We have employed various techniques to help our K2 project delivery and perfected them over time. We dropped some outdated practices, we tuned many of the traditional software engineering practices to suit our needs and also created some drastically different ways of doing things.

I am very excited to share the following tips with you from our K2 project delivery play book. I am sure these will help your projects succeed.

Tip 1: Consistently apply an Agile approach

Agile is a given. But, of all the organisations employing an agile approach IT project delivery, only a small percentage actually do it right and do it consistently.

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PowerToolz 2.2 is out now!

jEyLaBs has just released our latest version of PowerToolz for K2. Version 2.2 now fully support great new features in the latest K2 4.6.9 release.

Please check out PowerToolz at PowerToolz.net.au or at jEyLaBs.com.

We have also launched our PowerToolz online training which covers our 2.2 release.

Please contact us at empower@jeylabs.com.au for our training schedule and a course brochure.

K2 releases 4.6.9

Here’s some highlights of the new release:

  • The K2 for SharePoint Online app has officially moved from preview mode to release status. Hurrah!!! The 4.6.9 app version (version 4.4120.5.1) is only compatible with K2 4.6.9. Be sure to upgrade your K2 environment before upgrading to the latest K2 for SharePoint Online app.
  • K2 smartforms 4.6.9 now includes Internet Explorer 11 support. BTW, Internet Explorer 8 is no longer supported. New Lithium theme gives a responsive design and is perfect for mobile devices. Offline forms are in preview in this release.
  • K2 smartforms controlpack 4.6.9 now includes new controls such as auto complete, tree view and timer
  • K2 blackpearl 4.6.9 adds comments and attachment SmartObjects into the framework. On top of the existing DateTime property type, two new Date and Time types for SmartObject properties are now made available.

Download the latest release from K2 customer portal. jEyLaBs will be releasing our PowerToolz for K2 version 2.2 to fully support all the new features of K2 4.6.9 shortly.

5 tips to thrive in a BYOA world


Love it or hate it, users are bringing cloud based apps on phones, tablets and laptops to their workplaces every day.

When internet banking took off many years ago, employees used to spend time paying bills, etc on their work PCs. Now they are doing a lot more than banking with a ton of apps on their devices.

These apps cover areas such as communications, task management, photo/content editing, news, social media, travel, games, sports, and so on. Cloud apps are utilised by corporate users at work time to be efficient with their transactions.

Most mobile device users have data plans and they can utilise whatever apps they like whenever and where ever, regardless of the network they are connected to. Even if they are on a company provided device and network, they will continue using their favourite apps.

BYOA is the new norm and is now part of the popular work style. CIOs need to embrace it to continue to provide an effective technology environment to enhance productivity of users.

Leaving things in the hands of users is not an effective corporate strategy, so, how do you thrive in this brave new world?

1. Accept the reality

Change is hard when you have to give up any level of control. This is the major concern for IT control towers. When it comes to users, applications cannot be absolutely controlled anymore. Those days are over.

Controlling users

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Will email be ever dead?

When I look back at the many years of working in IT, email has been the key communication tool for me. It was the defacto and default tool. Over the last 20 years I saw how portals, workspaces, chat apps, social media and other developments reducing the amount of emails being sent for work. Most of the incoming emails I get these days are marketing related (junk).

Email was the first killer app of the internet. The attraction of email is the ease of which we can send a message and not to worry about it afterwards. Compare this with most conference calls that start with “can you hear me ok?”. Email is simple and fast to send. It is also very convenient to receive, read or remove. It is passive and that is powerful.

The power of other collaboration tools

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Test Planning and Execution

Testing is a crucial activity to ensure quality delivery. Test planning is equally important for proper execution of testing.

Using PowerToolz, K2 customers can ensure high quality of their applications consistently.

PowerToolz provides the ability to create test plans conveniently from the same interface used for test scritpting.

Here’s a video from our PowerToolz feature demo series on Test planning and execution.

Demo Video

Holidays are coming….

December is the great month of the year in my opinion as the year is winding down we all look forward to our traditional annual breaks. It also has its own chaos and troubles but the overall sense of achievement at work, home, school and community is usually high during this month of the year.

At jEyLaBs, We tend to work on a lot of support, migration, upgrades, health checks, training and envisioning projects during this time. jEyLaBs is offering end of year incentives to customers and partners to help close the quarter on a high for all.

If you need extended support cover over the holiday period from December onwards please get in touch with sales@jeylabs.com.au as we have special offerings to assist you. We can look after tasks for your staff on extended leave even up to February 2015.

Best wishes!!