PowerToolz for K2 now with SmartForms tester, Test planning, Scheduler and more…

jEyLaBs just released an updated version of our PowerToolz for K2. This version contains major new features such as the most awaited  SmartForms Tester, Test Planner, Test Scheduler and additional reports through Test Reporter.

Testing SmartForms repeatedly is a time consuming task. jEyLaBs has added intuitive forms testing features specifically to ease this pain in this release. You can visually fill in the forms and PowerToolz will script the test case for you.

Test planning of K2 applications are now done within the PowerToolz itself. Test Planner makes it easy to define the plan and document the test cases and link them to Power scripts.

You can now keep all your test plans and test cases along with Test scripts in one tool. PDF reports against Test plan execution are generated and can be emailed to project stake holders.

You can also schedule test plan execution easily and track the progress of testing against the plan with our gorgeous new reports. The Scheduler executes the test scripts at predefined schedules.

SmartObjects, Processes and Smartforms all can be grouped and tested as complete applications and monitored for issues and bottle necks. With this release PowerToolz has now become a solid test automation infrastructure for your K2 environments.

PowerToolz is available via subscription or perpetual licensing. Please contact powertoolz@jeylabs.com.au to get hold of an evaluation copy.

Are you Testing K2 SmartForms the Smart way?

Are you Testing K2 SmartForms the Smart way?

Join us for a Webinar
Attend and Learn How PowerToolz helps you test Smarter?

jEyLaBs is making SmartForms testing a lot more efficient with the new release of PowerToolz.
SmartForms tester, Test planner, Test scheduler and Test Reporter are all now part of the tool.

When :
 Friday, 29 August 2014
Time : 3pm to 4pm Melbourne time

jEyLaBs invites you to attend this early access webinar on SmartForms testing and the new features now available in PowerToolz.

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Invite Only Information Event : How to deliver K2 projects successfully?

jEyLaBs is running an Information event in Melbourne this September. We are inviting decision makers, Project managers, Business managers and Technical leads that are looking at K2 for workflow process automation projects to attend this event at Rialto.

Topic: How to deliver K2 projects successfully?

When : 24 September 2014

Time : 11:30am to 1:00pm

Location : Melbourne – Rialto

In this lunch and learn event you will learn from our years of experience, the secrets to successfully delivering K2 projects. Jey Srikantha, Founder & CEO of jEyLaBs, will lead an interactive session and share interesting and insightful stories from the trenches.

Do not miss this invite only event. Please register your interest here.

Why SharePoint Hybrid Cloud?

Office365 is the Microsoft cloud offering that brings a completely managed office environment to the masses.

jEyLaBs has been using microsoft cloud internally since the BPOS days and we are now operating on a hybrid environment across time zones.

We have been assisting customers go paperless and online with cloud, on-prem and hybrid solutions.

With Cloud use in Australia surpassing the tipping point, we see the number of customers moving to Office365 Hybrid environments steadily rising.

Office365 is a quick way for your enterprise to get online. You can get people authenticating using Azure Directory and have email, storage, sites, presence and www within days. You have the familiar desktop office suite and users can become very productive with cloud and mobile use of it.

When it comes to customisation and serious enterprise applications you really have to look at azure. Mucking around with office365 is not really an effective option right now. It is a managed environment after all. How much specialised can it be?

The data and apps you already have behind your firewall needs to be connected as well for a seamless experience.

Not all on-prem software has complete parity in their cloud offerings. While vendors are mad at working hard to fix it having half the users on cloud will just going to crash and burn your cloud strategy quickly.

Hybrid is the way to go. Get your on-prem tuned while some of your cloud bits are working.

Using a hybrid SharePoint environment offers you best of both worlds.

As microsoft perfects its cloud, you can adjust slowly and steadily towards a complete cloud vision. It is visibly there but still far away.

jEyLaBs helps customers with Automation, Integration, Migration and Modernisation offerings to go Hybrid SharePoint. Talk to us for a best practice based approach to Hybrid SharePoint.

Learn 4 Key Strategies to Remove PAIN from Work

Remove PAIN from Work

Join jEyLaBs & Kodak Alaris for Lunch to Learn how to improve efficiencies at work for your information workers.

When : 07/08/2014
Time : 11:30am to 1:00pm
Location : Melbourne – Rialto

jEyLaBs & Kodak Alaris experts will discuss how reducing paper, automating key business processes and migrating from legacy to the modern mobile solutions will increase efficiencies for your enterprise.

Register here to express your interest and score an invite.

PowerToolz, the way you want it!

PowerToolz has a collection of utilities that works together. There are some pretty advanced and nifty tools in the collection. We also have some simple but cool tools in the kit.

One of the feature requests we received repeatedly from our customers is to be able to pre-configure PowerToolz with a set of utilities.

This allows for providing specialised PowerToolz configurations to do specific things. Examples would be to provide a K2 migration tool, a Unit Test execution tool or a process Troubleshooting tool.

You could even provide a customised tool that tests a specific K2 application or a specific set of services or a bunch of K2 smartobjects.

We think this is a pretty good idea and the next update makes this a reality for our customers. Stay tuned for the release date.

What does it take to deliver, Quality?

We have heard this before. Yes, Quality takes time. It also takes talent and tested techniques to deliver high quality output. I think, above all, ATTITUDE of the people involved is what makes the magic. Why?

Team is the most important piece of any project puzzle. Time, Talent and Technique can be negotiated in any project. One can use very experienced people who inherently know all the techniques, have access to great tools of trade and talent to handle them and get the job done.

One can also negotiate the time required to deliver a project’s outcomes. You can even add resources to increase delivery capacity. You can use time and price to negotiate the minimum value product you deliver to your customer.

You can do all this to achieve output that is acceptable by your various stakeholders.

BUT, none of this will help you achieve superior quality outcomes if you have people with the wrong attitude in your delivery teams.

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Troubleshooting : Missing K2 Task Notifications

K2 workflow uses its eventbus to send out task notifications. These emails are processed outside of the process instance. The good thing about this setup is that any errors raised during this processing does not affect the process instance’s execution path. But, troubleshooting these email notification delivery issues are a little bit difficult.

The following troubleshooting steps will help:
0. Scan the event logs and K2 logs for any messages that may relate to mail delivery.
Any proper troubleshooting begins with establishing a baseline and monitoring activity around the scenario you are trying to resolve.
These logs are good to find symptoms relating to our problem. Running the K2 configuration analyser is also a quick way to detect anything odd.

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