K2 Releases 4.6.8 and update to SmartForms and Controls Pack

K2 released 4.6.8 last week. This updates blackpearl, smartforms and the controls pack components in particular. Get the installer at http://portal.k2.com SmartForms 1.0.7 includes updates to the PDF Converter SmartObject Service, improved rendering of SharePoint 2013 theme and a bunch of fixes. Remember to clear your browser cache after upgrading.

Why SharePoint Hybrid Cloud?

Office365 is the Microsoft cloud offering that brings a completely managed office environment to the masses. jEyLaBs has been using microsoft cloud internally since the BPOS days and we are now operating on a hybrid environment across time zones. We have been assisting customers go paperless and online with cloud, on-prem and hybrid solutions. With […]

Learn 4 Key Strategies to Remove PAIN from Work

Join jEyLaBs & Kodak Alaris for Lunch to Learn how to improve efficiencies at work for your information workers. When : 07/08/2014 Time : 11:30am to 1:00pm Location : Melbourne – Rialto jEyLaBs & Kodak Alaris experts will discuss how reducing paper, automating key business processes and migrating from legacy to the modern mobile solutions […]

PowerToolz, the way you want it!

PowerToolz has a collection of utilities that works together. There are some pretty advanced and nifty tools in the collection. We also have some simple but cool tools in the kit. One of the feature requests we received repeatedly from our customers is to be able to pre-configure PowerToolz with a set of utilities. This […]

What does it take to deliver, Quality?

What does it take to deliver, Quality?

We have heard this before. Yes, Quality takes time. It also takes talent and tested techniques to deliver high quality output. I think, above all, ATTITUDE of the people involved is what makes the magic. Why? Team is the most important piece of any project puzzle. Time, Talent and Technique can be negotiated in any […]

Troubleshooting : Missing K2 Task Notifications

K2 workflow uses its eventbus to send out task notifications. These emails are processed outside of the process instance. The good thing about this setup is that any errors raised during this processing does not affect the process instance’s execution path. But, troubleshooting these email notification delivery issues are a little bit difficult. The following […]

Should you be using File Shares?

Are you still saving files to that H:\ drive? Is that file share still running on servers locally at work? Data centres and branch offices used to run a lot of file servers as the primary network function. Most information workers used to create and save files to shared drives or email them back and […]

Webinar on Workflow Test Automation

Webinar on Workflow Test Automation Join this @jeylabs Webinar on Workflow Test Automation Learn how the May release of our PowerToolz for K2 enables you to rapidly build test scripts to automate process testing.

8 Steps to Intelligent Document Understanding

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