Solving Information challenges with SharePoint

jEyLaBs is running an Information event in Melbourne this October. We are inviting decision makers, Project managers, Business managers and Technical leads that are looking at SharePoint for digital imaging, workflow process automation and mobile enablement projects to attend this event at Rialto.


Join our SharePoint & Kodak experts and learn from our field experiences. We will show you how to deliver tangible ROI with SharePoint.

Topic : Solving Information challenges with SharePoint
When : 29 October 2014
Time : 11:30am to 1:00pm
Location : Melbourne – Rialto

Do not miss this invite only event. Please register your interest at

Why Digitizing is still Important?

In the age of iPhone 6, one might wonder whether there is need for Scanners or Scanning for digitizing paper. The reality is, our world is still full of paper. Every day, We are generating brand new paper. Although most documents are born as digital documents they are still getting printed for reviews and more importantly to get physical signatures on them.

There are still many organisations that are comfortable with using paper the old way and they do not want to fix it. It was interesting for me to sit at boardroom listening to execs talking about how they do not want to change the paper based processes as they just work for them. My question to them was, will it still work for their organisation in 2 years?

At jEyLaBs, we still print some of our contracts due to the requirements around signing using ink and witnessing. We are more than capable of managing versions, reviews and workflow using best of technology. But, when it comes to legal requirements we are still living in the world of lawyers and people who follow the doctrine of if it is not signed it is not signed off.

I think Emails, Digital signatures, PDF signing and cameras on mobile apps can provide more than adequate evidence including conversation trail, read only versions, server based proof, video & voice evidence, GPS tagging for location identification and time stamps to validate authenticity of signing of documents and “agreement”. However, none of this has stopped the creation of new paper and that paper is so important to be digitized.

Partnering with Kodak, jEyLaBs continues to strive towards paving the way for a paperless society. We recently introduced a versatile range of Kodak Scanners. They have the capacity to facilitate everything from scanning at receptionist’s desk to to high-volume production. Don’t let the continuous creation of paper let you down on the electronic frontier. Digitize your documentation with unparalleled precision and efficiency with the power of cutting edge Kodak scanning technology. jEyLaBs integrates scanning technology with organisational workflow applications, Reporting and Mobile delivery to provide true end to end paperless solutions. Check out

Why we invested in Natives?

jEyLaBs made a strategic decision in Feb 2012 to invest in native mobile application development. We built our teams focusing on iOS, Android, Windows and Blackberry. Many people questioned our decision around going native. Investors, Partners, Customers and our team members all had different views around the topics of going html 5 vs native apps. This discussion isn’t over yet :) but, we are more than clear about our decision being right.

We saw Tim Cook announcing Apple Pay, Apple Watch and the new iOS 8 devices today. We can see how this is going to impact other players already in the wearable technology, payments, health & fitness and home automation space. This space is all about the combined power of design, device, apps and market share. Apple is making a massive move and they will succeed. Apple and others will need support from the eco system to work with them and the regulators, work against the hackers and security threats.

The innovation and competition will be intense and it will be battle fought fiercely. There will be lot less of fair play and closed platforms will dominate. This is where we see the opportunity yet again for Native apps. Our teams have massive experience across the platform stack. This unfortunately also includes the blackberry and windows space however almost all our resources have been redirected to iOS and Android space for over 18 months now.

jEyLaBs is ideally placed to leverage and innovate on the inventions made by Apple and others. We are bringing more capabilities to the space we play in the enterprise workflow scene with K2 with mobile. We have also opened up more opportunities for Mobile developers in our team recently and we are taking applications now.

If you are still mulling over the decision to go native or not, please take our lead and kick off native app initiatives. You will soon see the returns to justify you investments, just like us.

How to deliver K2 projects successfully?

jEyLaBs is running an Information event in Melbourne this September. We are inviting decision makers, Project managers, Business managers and Technical leads that are looking at K2 for workflow process automation projects to attend this event at Rialto.

Often people spend time and money investing in software platforms with unrealistic expectations and end up wondering whether they were sold on a Lemon. Delivering on the promise takes some effort and we are at the forefront of making K2 work for our customers.

Come and learn from our experts on how to deliver tangible ROI and ensure you avoid the common pit falls on K2 projects.

Topic : How to deliver K2 projects successfully?
When : 24 September 2014
Time : 11:30am to 1:00pm
Location : Melbourne – Rialto

In this lunch and learn event you will learn from our years of experience, the secrets to successfully delivering K2 projects. Jey Srikantha, Founder & CEO of jEyLaBs, will lead an interactive session and share interesting and insightful stories from the trenches.

Do not miss this invite only event. Please register your interest here.

PowerToolz for K2 now with SmartForms tester, Test planning, Scheduler and more…

jEyLaBs just released an updated version of our PowerToolz for K2. This version contains major new features such as the most awaited  SmartForms Tester, Test Planner, Test Scheduler and additional reports through Test Reporter.

Testing SmartForms repeatedly is a time consuming task. jEyLaBs has added intuitive forms testing features specifically to ease this pain in this release. You can visually fill in the forms and PowerToolz will script the test case for you.

Test planning of K2 applications are now done within the PowerToolz itself. Test Planner makes it easy to define the plan and document the test cases and link them to Power scripts.

You can now keep all your test plans and test cases along with Test scripts in one tool. PDF reports against Test plan execution are generated and can be emailed to project stake holders.

You can also schedule test plan execution easily and track the progress of testing against the plan with our gorgeous new reports. The Scheduler executes the test scripts at predefined schedules.

SmartObjects, Processes and Smartforms all can be grouped and tested as complete applications and monitored for issues and bottle necks. With this release PowerToolz has now become a solid test automation infrastructure for your K2 environments.

PowerToolz is available via subscription or perpetual licensing. Please contact to get hold of an evaluation copy.