K2 SmartForms 1.0.4 released

K2 just released an update to SmartForms with new features and enhancements. · Control enhancements – Enhancements including support for date and time selection in the Calendar Control Picker and improved Control binding capabilities. · Rules enhancements – Updates to existing rule actions including the Navigate to URL and Show Message actions as well as […]

K2 updates SmartForms

Today K2 released an update to its smartforms with powerful new features and performance improvements. Read all about it here and checkout the PDF control :) http://www.k2.com/blog/K2smartforms102_release Here’s some useful doco: http://help.k2.com/en/k2smartformspdf.aspx

Become a SmartWizard

K2 have just released 4.6.5 to customers. This version includes a number of new things including a SmartWizard framework. SmartWizard gives us the ability to declaratively create wizards and add them to process designer tools. Smart Wizard framework makes it easy to put a nice customised UI in front of SmartObjects. What does this mean […]

The revolution has begun – K2Forms beta is open

At 1 am this morning I was on an all important call with K2. There were 78 other participants. Renier and Codi launched the K2Forms beta and soon after that I grabbed the bits of the beta software.

You can get the latest K2 update KB1370…

You can get the latest K2 update KB1370 now. Feature Highlights are: · The ability to run a K2 Designer for SharePoint process designed in one environment in another environment without modification · Multiple enhancements to K2 Services and SmartObject Services, including filtering · Support for using different versions of InfoPath forms for different versions […]

K2 recently released update 1350 KB1350 It provides…

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K2 recently released update 1350(KB1350). It provides support for Internet Explorer 9 and the latest service packs for Windows 7 (SP1), VS.NET 2010 (SP1) and Windows Server 2008 R2 (SP1). You can download it from the customer Portal.

How are you Managing your IT environments?

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Just like most of the Developers out there, I am comfortable with solutions being developed in development environments, tested in test environments and then eventually moved to production for end users. But, I am seeing this practice challenged more often than less in the recent years. Many customers dont want to have these multiple environments […]

1230 rocks

I finished a complete install of a K2 load balanced distributed production clusters integrated with SharePoint farm, a staging and a dev environment update this week. The 1230 installer was awesome. While everyone is excited about the cool new viewflow (which is really cool) I think the installer team should be congratulated for making my […]

K2 blackpoint and SharePoint Designer based workflows

Recently, my team has been working on a SharePoint project. As part of the brief we also have to fixup a few workflows that are behaving badly. We looked at the problem and it was a list that had couple of SharePoint designer based workflows attached for doing item updates and email notifications based on […]

Accessing process data

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We can access completed K2 process instance information through smart objects. All the reports that you get with K2 are built using smart objects. One thing to note with the reporting data is that it is not real time. The asynchronous nature of a workflow environment means that if you need access to state information […]


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