Windows 10 and VS2015 support in K2

K2 release 4.6.11 is available and Visual Studio 2015 support and Windows 10 support are included in this release.

This release contains updates to the K2 platform: K2 blackpearl 4.6.11, K2 smartforms 4.6.11, K2 smartforms Control Pack 4.6.11, K2 for SharePoint 4.6.11, K2 Language Pack 4.6.11 (Preview) and K2 connect 4.6.11

Check out the new wizards to create dynamic item references and loop through them using the “For Each” wizard. 

There’s a new Report to help you manage your K2 environment user licenses as well.

Enhancements have been made to the K2 Designer and to the file and image attachment controls.

Check out the K2 4.6.11 Release Notes (KB000860) and download the binaries from K2 customer portal.

Could your app become addictive and more productive?

We have all seen those Notifications that keep popping up on our Smart phones. In my case Facebook, Linkedin and Buffer are the apps that send me these notifications and keep me addicted to them.

Push Notifications is a way to informing the mobile app user of any activities of interest.

In this post, I discuss a unique way of using Push Notifications to create an addictive app that is also productive. 

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What more could a Windows Service bring to our PowerToolz for K2?

We have recently released a new component to the PowerToolz platform.

It is the PowerToolz Windows Service.

The automation engine that executes power scripts can now run as a background service on a machine of your choice.

It connects to a K2 environment and provides you the ability to automate K2 in new and exciting ways.

We are imagining very interesting user experiences for K2 with the PowerToolz platform.

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Is “VA Mode” the missing magic in SaaS Platforms?

One of the biggest shifts in business operations we are witnessing is the increasing use of Virtual Assistants.

Many Australian small businesses use VAs to accomplish more things daily to improve their operations.

Over worked business owners see this as a way to improve their work life balance.

In this post I discuss the need for SaaS solutions to support a VA Mode.

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Why PowerToolz is a must have tool for K2 users?

PowerToolz for K2 is a purpose built productivity tool for K2 users.

It was developed for K2 administrators, Process Owners, Support Staff, Developers, Testers and Consultants.

PowerToolz has a number of rich features that are specifically designed for the various K2 user groups and their unique needs in mind.

PowerToolz provides deep insights into K2 applications, their composition, behaviour and environment.

You can administer, support your K2 environment and K2 applications very efficiently using PowerToolz.

PowerToolz provides a super fast administration experience for K2. Every screen and data that is exposed is carefully designed to improve productivity.

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Opening our doors for global delivery…

Customers are looking for outcomes. Using onshore, offshore and mix models, jEyLaBs has been meeting our customer expectations on cost and quality.

jEyLaBs’ global delivery is primarily based on continuous improvement philosophies. Constant feedback is always sought from our customers and brought back to our delivery team through process improvement. We vigorously monitor our own performance and strive to develop smarter, more efficient means of delivering projects.

Using an offshore delivery team brings its own challenges

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PowerToolz 2.9 is available for K2 Now!

jEyLaBs released a newer version of PowerToolz with support for K2 4.6.10.

This release adds new features around auto generating reports for understanding in-depth details of all your K2 environments.

By using these reports, comparing your K2 environment configurations before and after an update or change is a snap.

We have also improved performance of the tool when executing large number of test scripts in parallel.

Please contact to get the latest update. All Customers under support are eligible for a free download of this update.

Our LABS teams are currently busy working on the next release. PowerToolz V3 has some major new additions to the platform. We are taking K2 automation to a whole new level. Stay tuned :)


K2 Update 4.6.10 is Available

If you are looking for the latest of K2, the release 4.6.10 is available for download now. There were updates to the installers recently. So, Please get the latest by downloading the installers today.

One of the new features of interest in this release is the OData Broker. A dynamic endpoint broker for integrating with OData services is now available. The ability to register a service instance for Docusign has been added as out of the box functionality using this broker.

This is great for organisations that are looking to eliminate those last few paper based steps needed to get legally binding physical signatures in their document centric business processes. 

How to Build Better to Run Better Business Apps?

Businesses are increasingly using applications of all sorts. Mobile apps usage for business purposes is on the rise. Whether you have a formal BYOA/D program in place or not, It is happening in your business.

Efficiency needs drive automation demands of every typical enterprise out there. Big or small all companies have to facilitate the smooth running of applications to constantly serve their users’ needs.

Users expect business apps to be reliable and perform consistently.

Running business applications better starts with having better apps. If you have sloppy, buggy and ageing applications, slow or hard to understand applications or applications that lack the features needed for today’s needs then you are already on a weak ground.

Users have less tolerance to lack of quality and accessibility. They tend to desert bad providers fast even if it is their own IT department. They find alternatives on the cloud and app stores then voila, you have BYOA happening right under your nose.

This state creates massive issues and risks for businesses. Apart from the well debated, well known data and privacy issues, there is a major issue of your Key business processes and IP walking away with your staff. This is never a good position to be in today’s competitive market.

Running business apps better is a requirement with far reaching consequences.

If you get this right you will amass benefits to out gun your competitors easily.

Running apps better requires a good infrastructure, decent connectivity, pretty good security, effective change management processes and efficient support people.

jEyLaBs believes in using a well rounded business apps platform is the key to a better running business.

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