K2 Releases Package and Deployment Tool

K2 just RTM’ed their Package and Deployment tool (PnD). PnD is a utility for promoting K2 assets, including Workflows, SmartObjects and SmartForms, between K2 environments. PnD has been in Beta for quite some time and it is great to see it getting released. You can upgrade from Beta 2, Beta 2 TR or Beta 3 […]

Why ROI?

Why should we talk about ROI? I truly believe that return-on-investment is an important tool for decision making and most people agree with it. Yet, I see ROI not being used properly as it should be in projects I come across. To me, ROI is not a throw away term to sell something. There is […]

Migrations can be Migraine free

Moving active business processes from one environment to another is not an every day task. It is complicated and painful. It does happen though and we are seeing this occurring more and more due to typical system upgrades, platform changes and mergers & acquisitions. Recently jEyLaBs assisted with migrating over many thousands of active business […]

K2 updates SmartForms

Today K2 released an update to its smartforms with powerful new features and performance improvements. Read all about it here and checkout the PDF control :) http://www.k2.com/blog/K2smartforms102_release Here’s some useful doco: http://help.k2.com/en/k2smartformspdf.aspx

Video : PowerToolz LITE

Check out this video on our new release of the PowerToolz

PowerToolz LITE

I am pleased to announce that we have released PowerToolz LITE today. This is a light-weight version of our jEyLaBs PowerToolz for K2 product. PowerToolz LITE allows K2 administrators to manipulate K2 process instances in bulk. If you want to check it out or want to learn more please visit http://www.jeylabs.com/workflow-experts-jEyLaBs-PowerToolz-LITE

Planning Upgrades or Cleanup?

It is that time of the year and we have just updated two of our client environments to K2 4.6.4. One environment was upgraded from K2 4.5 and MOSS to SharePoint 2010 and K2 4.6. This client had a SharePoint Integrated Workflow application which experienced a permission issue. This rare scenario was an introduced bug […]

4.6.3 supports IE10, Server 2012 and Win8

K2 just released an update to support Windows 8 for the client components and Windows Server 2012 for the server components. There is support for IIS 8 and Internet Explorer 10 as well in this update. There are performance enhancements for the all important smart objects framework which powers the smartforms and improvements to email […]

K2 smartforms – The Game Changer is right here, right now!

K2 has just released the smartforms add-on to its K2 blackpearl platform. K2 smartforms has been in the works for some time now and I have been involved with it since the Alpha. It is great to see this technology out and in the hands of users today. Never before today K2 had this level […]

jEyLaBs PowerToolz for K2 is going places…

I am happy to announce that jEyLaBs PowerToolz for K2 has been running in our National Capital for some time now. I have announced a deployment in Sydney in the past and now we have it in Canberra. We are seeing more and more clients reaching out to us for getting serious productivity gains out […]


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