K2 smartforms – The Game Changer is right here, right now!

K2 has just released the smartforms add-on to its K2 blackpearl platform. K2 smartforms has been in the works for some time now and I have been involved with it since the Alpha. It is great to see this technology out and in the hands of users today. Never before today K2 had this level […]

Config or Code? Which one is easy? Proof is in the output!

I have been a developer. Over the years I have written C++ APIs, Java web applications on Weblogic server, C# based tablet PC applications, Outlook 2003 add-ins and so on. I recently wrote some C# code for our PowerToolz offering. Although I enjoy what I can do with code, I strongly believe that avoiding or […]

jEyLaBs PowerToolz for K2 is going places…

I am happy to announce that jEyLaBs PowerToolz for K2 has been running in our National Capital for some time now. I have announced a deployment in Sydney in the past and now we have it in Canberra. We are seeing more and more clients reaching out to us for getting serious productivity gains out […]


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