Ready to download: K2 Mobile Apps

Much awaited iPhone and Blackberry apps from K2 are now available for immediate download. The K2 Mobile TaskList apps can be downloaded from iPhone App Store and BlackBerry App World.
This is an awesome addition to K2 as the increasingly mobile users can have their tasks reviewed and actioned any where.

The jEyLaBs Mobile for K2 offering from us works hand in hand with these K2 Tasklist apps. When you click the View Form menu from the Apps, it opens your applications in the configured screen.

The real benefit of jEyLaBs Mobile for K2 is that, your K2 app UI is rendered as you wanted within mobile or tablet devices. It provides a rapid configuration experience that is controlled (with no change to existing K2 deployed apps).

jEyLaBs Mobile for K2 is a server based solution that enhances the rich app experience of using the K2 Mobile Worklist.

Nice!! :)


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One comment on “Ready to download: K2 Mobile Apps
  1. [...] for K2 to help you with that! The software allows you to easily design these tasks forms! I’d definitely check it out, if you are planning to allow your users to handle their tasks from their mobile [...]

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