K2 sessions at TechEd

Posted by jEyLaBs on July 30, 2007 in K2 |One Comment

Here are the time slots for our K2 sessions: Wednesday Aug 8th  1:20 PM – 1:40 PM      SPON019 K2 Sponsor Session – Blessings of K2 [blackpearl]: Empower business users to build & deploy workflow processes   Thursday Aug 9th  3:05 PM – 3:25 PM     SPON020 K2 Sponsor Session – Bring Business Processes to Life: […]

Gearing up for TechEd Australia

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We have been busy getting ready for TechEd. K2 is a sponsor at TechEd and we will have a booth there. We are also running 3 Cabana sessions during TechEd. Herman, Myself, Marco and Cobus will be showing off K2 blackpearl’s capabilities. We are very excited and looking forward to meeting as many delegates as […]

K2 webcast on Thursday 19th

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here’s another K2 webcast …. register here UPDATE There was a mix up with the time but I managed to catch the last 30 minutes of the webcast. a recording is coming soon anyway for those who missed it. Shaun demonstrated a common approval process and how a few related issues could be tackled by […]

K2 announces product name and release date

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the wait is over…. On Aug. 6, K2 will release the core of its new platform…blackpearl! and it will be called K2 [blackpearl]!! awesome :)

K2 demo by Bob Mixon

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Another good demo is coming: here

The K2 Essay

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In the last few weeks, I have been asked to explain what K2 is. I attempted this a few times and came up with an essay, that sort of explains what K2 is all about :)  Wanna read it?

CodeCamp Day 2

Day 1 was good! Day 2 was better! We had a sales training session for (web)developers :) and an interesting Dev’s vs Dba’s discussion in which everyone got involved as the nHibernate session was sandwiched between Greg Law‘s DMVs and Greg Linwood‘s Execution plans :) Dave glover presented some tips and tricks on WM6.0 and […]

CodeCamp is live and kicking…

Posted by jEyLaBs on July 7, 2007 in K2 |2 Comments

It was a good start for the day, we had sunshine, briefly :) and some interesting presentations Networking with the attendees and listening to these sessions were a really good experience. I think these events are really good. This is my second event of this kind (The first event was the Victoria.NET regional conference in […]

.NET Data Provider for K2

Posted by jEyLaBs on July 5, 2007 in K2 |No Comments

When you install K2 Blackpearl, There is a little gem that is made available to you in Visual studio called the K2 .NET Data Provider. It allows you to use smart objects as your data source. This is a gem because it allows you to connect any UI control to smart objects without code.


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