CeBIT is just around the corner….

CeBIT Australia is celebrating its most successful show yet. jEyLaBs is excited to be part of the event.
To give you a snapshot of this year’s scale and magnitude, here’s just some of CeBIT Australia’s highlights:
1. Canon are bringing along their brand ambassador Steve Waugh.
2. Commonwealth Bank Australia will be showcasing their Daily IQ app, providing smaller companies with strategic business insights on the go.
3. Buzztech are pioneering a new way of advertising – printed and illuminated advertising.
3D printing technologies……watch this space to find out what will be printed on the day.
4. jEyLaBs will be launching a consulting service for Kodak Alaris’ revolutionary artificial intelligence software – Info Insight.
5. Geepers will be launching their new GPS product designed to become a must have in location based marketing and the logistics industry.
With over 400+ solution providers displaying the latest innovations in business technologies and numerous campus sessions. CeBIT Australia 2014 is not to be missed. Click Here to gain access to your Complimentary Ticket to the CeBIT 2014 Exhibition.

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K2 updates blackpearl

K2 released updates and new components of software last week, including:

· K2 blackpearl 4.6.7 — An update to K2 blackpearl that includes new and enhanced features including integrated Package & Deployment, OAuth support, Wizard improvements and support for CRM 2013 and Visual Studio 2013.
· K2 smartforms 1.0.6 — An update to K2 smartforms that includes new and enhanced features including new Rule Designer capabilities, new Controls, enhanced Workflow integration and additional browser version support.
· K2 smartforms Control Pack 1.0 — An add-on component to K2 smartforms providing a set of additional controls that can be used to create forms and reporting dashboards for your business process applications.
· K2 for SharePoint — An add-on component to K2 blackpearl that allows you to build and run business applications within SharePoint 2013, using forms, workflow, data and reports.

Please download and checkout the release notes.

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Webinar Recording – Automate K2 testing with PowerToolz

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InfoPath is Dead. What are you going to do now?

Our beloved InfoPath is dead and buried now. This electronic forms tool from Microsoft was a shining star way back in 2003. I was involved in building a lot of InfoPath solutions over many years. I had my fair share of grey hairs and late nights thanks to InfoPath. But we also delivered incredible solutions using it. Now it is gone for good.

Credits to Joel Oleson
Image Source :

We started moving all our forms applications to K2 SmartForms in 2012. I had a series of presentations on InfoPath at the SharePoint Saturdays around the country where I shared my migration strategy for InfoPath based solutions. I shared how we perform InfoPath surgery and many other tricks of the trade openly with the community.

If you are still tied to InfoPath applications due to whatever reason, Now it is the best time to completely close the chapter and look at future options.

Our friends at K2 have organised a webinar and I invite you to register and hear what they have to say. Don’t miss this opportunity to learn how to manage the InfoPath crisis.

jEyLaBs offers a migration program to K2 SmartForms. This is a tailor made K2 SmartForms architecture and best practice implementation & migration service. This is aimed at organisations looking to automate paper forms on the K2 business process application platform or migrate existing InfoPath forms implementations. We assist with converting InfoPath applications into SmartForms and Mobile apps making sure that existing data, reports and security are kept intact.

jEyLaBs has been closely working with the K2 SmartForms technology since its alpha release. We have seen firsthand how hard the K2 development teams worked to incorporate the many rounds of feedback from the field to make K2 SmartForms a solid addition to the K2 platform.

jEyLaBs has invested considerable amounts of time and effort in investigating and doing Research and Development on K2 SmartForms as an alternative to InfoPath forms. We are pleased with this effort and the result is we are heavily involved in moving many clients’ eForms development efforts onto K2 SmartForms.

Expect a white paper from jEyLaBs shortly on this topic. Contact us via to learn more.

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Keen to Get Insights into your information like never before?

jEyLaBs and Kodak Alaris are joining hands to bring you Information Insights into your organisation’s customer service like never before. Experience our consulting services for InfoInsight at our booth at CeBIT this May.


Register for CeBIT using our promo code now. Come and see us at CeBIT to learn how our InfoInsight solution will help you deliver superior customer experience.

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jEyLaBs Webinar – How to Automate your Workflow testing?

Learn the easy way to Automate Workflow testing
Join us for a webinar on Mar 28, 2014 at 3:00 PM AEDT.
Register now!
Join our resident K2 guru on this short and sharp 30 minute webinar on How to automate workflow testing using our PowerToolz for K2. 

You will learn how to automate testing of K2 application components, take a deep look into workflow processes using visual tools and much much more.
After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.
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K2 launches improved community help site

On March 2, K2 announced the release of a new community web site which replaced the K2 underground.

The site is now hosted on a completely new infrastructure. It has a new and improved site design and search features.

I can see all the content from the underground has been moved in to the new site and grouped. Checkout the site by using your old underground login or login.

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Customer Experience meets Process Intelligence

I was at the Kodak Alaris partner conference in Bali. It was called Kodak Alaris Global Directions 2014 APAC Edition. There were over 150 partners from the region. I was one of the speakers. It was great 3 days of sharing, learning & networking.

Kodak Alaris shared insights on their strategy and plans with partners. There were some great product announcements and one in particular prompted this blog post.

Digesting the details on an offering called InfoInsight, I was simply blown away by it. I am so excited by the potential of it for companies in managing their customer correspondence like never before.

InfoInsight is bringing what I call “Process intelligence” into customer experience management. This is taking the “Intelligence” aspect to the next level.

InfoInsight is deployed either as a cloud or on-premise solution. It takes all kinds of inputs and uses artificial intelligence (AI) to process them.

This AI engine has been in development for over a decade. Kodak Alaris is using it as a self-learning and self-correcting, natural language processing engine for InfoInsight.

This approach completely changes the way documents are scanned and processed.

There is no more templates required to handle unstructured data. There is no need to force certain formats and/or channels of input.

It understands chat, images, forms, email, paper and other input channels that customers use. InfoInsight also talks to social media. It monitors it for you.

The AI makes it possible for extending the reach of correspondence management to complex input channels such as video and audio. I am keen to explore using mobile devices to push video input into troubleshooting scenarios with InfoInsight. I blogged about mobile capture as the modern input Channel for apps to come and you can see why I am extremely excited about this solution.

Imagine customers sending emails, customers chatting to your service centre agents, customers making comments on social media and all this being serviced by the same platform using a sophisticated AI engine that gets it right well over 85% of the time.

InfoInsight still requires some human input for that 15% of the cases that Kodak Alaris says where the engine needing help with its own learning. This is how the AI improves its accuracy.

The specialists in your support teams will now be focused on teaching this AI engine how to handle those exceptional scenarios.

You can even build a help robot on your website that is mimicking your expert support team members.

This not only helps with customers getting a much faster service through the automation engine due to its speed, elasticity around scaling and it being an always-on system, but also improves the very high attrition rates common to service centres as your support people are not doing the mundane tasks anymore.

Kodak Alaris actually takes a massive leap on bringing a futuristic solution to market reality. Find out more for yourself at Kodak Alaris InfoInsight

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10 Reasons as to Why PowerToolz for K2?

This comment from a K2 client summarized it all for me:
“I am sooo happy that you guys exist!! Yay for your idea of automating K2 itself. YOU ROCK!!!!”
Here is why I think everyone using K2 should checkout PowerToolz:
1. PowerToolz is a purpose built testing, administration and automation tool for K2.
2. PowerToolz saves you time and money so that you can do even more with K2 real fast.
3. PowerToolz is built using K2 APIs and it has inherent knowledge of K2 components and their testing & automation needs.
4. It does not rely on UI scraping/recording techniques to automate testing apps.
5. PowerToolz allow for not only testing but issue resolution around error’ed instances, comparison tools for troubleshooting, data update features for error fixing and migration of process instances.
6. Everything you do is scripted and you can hand manipulate the script for perfection.
7. You can use it to create and run regression and load tests for K2.
8. Using SmartObject scripts you can extend its reach to other systems.
9. The tool is also priced and licensed as a specialised K2 add-on.
10. Every Developer and consultant who saw this tool instantly fell in love with it.

Here’s a quick 5 minute demo video (HD quality) of the tool in action…

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The Cloud is on Fire and K2 disrupts the status quo.

The Cloud is on Fire and K2 disrupts the status quo.

K2 announced appit, a workflow app solution platform on the cloud. You can start building apps under 5 minutes as the platform is provisioned and managed by K2 for you

K2 is offering Appit at an introductory price of $500 per month for the first 100 K2 Appit users ($5 per user per month) and $2 per month for each additional user. This includes full access to Appit workflow, forms, access to line-of-business systems, reporting and mobile apps.


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